Our founder, John Nicodemus has 30+ years of experience on both sides of the employment issue. He has hired  many many people and has also been unemployed himself. John's expertise has come from first hand experience.

John knows that the pace of change in this digital, socially connected age is mind boggling. All the things that you thought you knew have been rendered obsolete. John can help you navigate the new reality.
Advanced Career Transitions is a full service outplacement firm that works with companies, individual job seekers, and job clubs to provide expert practical advice on:
    • Resume Writing
    • Linkedin Profiles
    • Linkedin Training
    • Planning a Job Search Campaign
    • Goal Setting
    • Activity Metrics
    • Networking Techniques
    • Networking for the Introvert
    • Interviewing Techniques
    • Maintaining a Positive Outlook During the Job Search
    • Social networking and the job search

Anyone who promises you a magic bullet is trying to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge. There are no easy solutions. The job search is hard work, the key to which is lots of positive routine daily activity. Advanced Career Transitions can help you design, plan and execute a solid search campaign.

If you are routinely and diligently working towards getting the job you want, you will be successful. If you are just sitting in front of a computer applying on-line, you can expect a long hard road ahead of you.

Advanced Career Transitions
Get a grip on your career...
       ...ACT now!
John wrote this book after mentoring three job clubs for several years. While he was helping those who were seeking employment, John was also crystallizing his thought process about finding a job in today's highly competitive and changing environment. What worked five or six years ago, does not work today. This book is a brief, practical, straightforward guide that exposes the myths and new realities of the job search while providing a no-nonsense approach that walks you step-by-step through the process.
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