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Job Search Facts

The average time spent between jobs in:

  • 2008 - 5 weeks
  • 2011 - 40 weeks
The average number of applications submitted for advertised jobs -300

All things being equal, applying to an advertised job gives you a 50:1 shot of just getting an interview

Recruiters and headhunters account for about 10% of all jobs filled

Between 70 to 80% of all jobs are not advertised or are filled by someone who was recommended to the hiring company.

The majority of all job seekers spend most or all their time applying for jobs on-line.

The average resume receives only 10 to 12 seconds of attention making the standard multi-page chronological or functional resume much more ineffective in today's environment.

Networking remains the most effective way to find a job. It is a skill that most people do not have but can easily learn.

Finding a job is a full time job, and you must treat it that way.

Keeping your unemployment a secret is a recipe for disaster.

Your attitude, positive or negative, will impact your ability to get a job one way or the other.

A well constructed and executed job search campaign can overcome all these obstacles.

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