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You were so helpful at our meeting...I left feeling more clear about the steps I need to take on my job search and more hopeful that I will find a position.~I look forward to sharing my progress on the job search with you and to "picking your brain" again soon.


{I} always appreciate your words of wisdom, career guidance, and keen perception. Your willingness to help others with their job searching, your ability to listen and comfort {and} to include a positive sense of spirit has been truly golden to {me}.

Chris C.

 John Nicodemus and I worked on a webinar together. He was a great presenter. He obviously knows the field of career services. I particularly liked his practical, no fluff approach {emphasis added} to job search. I can honestly say that anybody, after watching his webinar, would walk away with all the tools they needed to go out and find a job. 

Chris S.

 I first met John while networking…...go figure! He was introduced to me as a subject matter expert on resume writing and job hunting. That he is. John volunteers his time helping others. Need advice on your resume? Ask John. Want to know how to begin networking professionally? Ask John. I’ve certainly benefited from his sage advice. I feel fortunate to have made his acquaintance and count him as a key contact in my professional network. I recommend that you read his book “So, Do You Want A Job, Or What?” He is a genuine person that enjoys helping others. Seek him out. 


 John is a  knowledgable[sic] resource with keen abilities of discernment to assess the needs of our clients in their particular phase of seeking employment. He then is able to clearly yet kindly guide them to the solution they need to further their process of finding a new employer. His knowledge of the process has led him to write a book "So Do You Want a Job Or What?" on the subject as well as give many specific lectures on various steps of the process. It is unlikely our Employment Support Group would have been so successful without his expertise and wisdom. 


 I would highly recommend John for anyone in the market to pursuing a new endeavor and needs a resume written or start up business and needs a business plan.He is a wealth of information and knowledge. HIs networking line is endless. Great guy to connect with. 


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Business Coaching Testimonials


 John gave me information that was not only very helpful, but easy to implement. I recommend him without reservation to any small business owner. 


 John brings many skills to the table. He is an excellent leader, is very perceptive and understands complex issues. John demonstrated exceptional problem solving abilities when I reported to him during a complex restructuring situation. John would be a welcome addition to any team. 


  It was through John's understanding of the strategy building process, his patience, and his innate ability to guide a group with many diverse opinions and priorities to consensus and we were able to create a successful plan.

John truly understands that a non-profit is a tax-exempt business and each non-profit needs to operate with a business model. As a result of the plan, we increased our awareness in the business community. The plan helped guide us to increase business operations internally and we were able to increase job opportunities in the community for the individuals we serve.

What first seemed to be a challenge to change, John's professional approach truly helped OBI grow as an organization. We are indebted to his hard work and efforts that truly benefited not only the organization, but the individuals and families we serve. 


 I used John to help develop a Business Plan and a written Strategic Operating Plan. Although I selected "Business Consultant"' as the Service Category for this recommendation. I wasn't looking for a Consultant but rather someone to guide me through the thinking process and steps for me to create my own plans. I wanted to do the work and I needed a coach to keep me on target and to make sure that the results held real substance.

John's experience, I believe, helps him to determine the best approach on an individual basis for his clientele. With his guidance and coaching we developed a comprehensive operation plan and better yet .... we developed the skills that allow our company management to change the plan and adopt contingency plans when needed. Perhaps the biggest skill we developed, while working with John, is the development of contingency plans as we set goals. Not everything goes as planned and it's very important to cover yourself when that happens.

I highly recommend John as a Business Coach and as an  Advisor[sic]. If you'd like to improve your business skills, effectively adapt to changing situations, understand the true nature of goal setting and most importantly know how to define and execute the steps to make goals a reality, then please contact John Nicodemus.